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1 Elsword 1.1 Specialty 1.1.1 Special Ability 1.2 Background 2 First Class Advancement 2.1 Knight 3 Skill Tree 4 Combos 5 Skills 5.1 Special Active 5.2 Active 5.3 Passive 5.4 Couple Skill(Active) 6 Theme 7 Gallery 8 Trivia Elsword is a master swordsman that
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Generate your own Elsword character with three different job trees! – ShindanMaker (en)
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Elsword is an action multiplayer online role-playing game that was released in 2007 for the fighting game players all around the world. There are more than ten playable fighter characters in the game. You have the option to completely customize these characters

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Characters Classes Co-op Crafting Game Modes Gameplay Basics Loot Maps or Levels Modding or Configuration Multiplayer Hi fellows, this is my first character guide for Raven in Elsword game. Whole article assumes that you have gained 70 levels with no
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 · Video Games Elsword Game Online Rpg Report Add to library 54 » Discussion 120 » Follow author » Share Which Elsword Character Would You Be? RefronaEmillia 1 11 To start things off, which of these options most resemble you? Ambitious Emotional
 · like Rena, Raven & Elsword. Quote Link to post Share on other sites Galvatron 956 Posted August 3, 2015 Galvatron MFFA Resident Elder 956 6,690 posts Location: USA Share Posted August 3, 2015 Wow I didn’t know it was more then acoupleRyoucchi.
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Elsword – Additional Game Rules Welcome Adventurer, Be sure to make note of these rules, which should help to enable peaceful cooperation between adventurers. 1. User Accounts 1.1 Naming Names of players, guilds, groups, PvP rooms, pets and so on…
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Recolor Ice Sculpture (All Characters) Recolor Ice Burner (All Characters) • Removido de Todos os Alchemist Shops Unknown Fossil • Removido da Camilla’s Shop Summon Stone: Moby Chariot RT …
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Add (otherwise known by his full name as Edward Grenore) is one of the main characters of Elsword. He is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in the English dub of the game. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Class Advancement 5 Gallery Add is a descendant of a family that researched Nasods. His entire family was exterminated after being caught researching the forbidden secrets of the
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Elsword Sieghart, powerful Rune Slayer and acting leader of Team Omega, has always been a man with a cheery attitude and a cheerier outlook on life, but even the brightest smiles can hide the darkness of a past that still has a place in their dreams.


Elsword Un fanfarrón con mucho a su favor Su hermana mayor es la comandante de la Liga de Caballeros Rojos. A su lado entrenó durante toda su vida pero, por asuntos de causa mayor, ella se vio obligada a abandonarlo. Desde entonces, intenta ganarse su