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而現在命名終於曝光了。 根據 VR-Zone 手上的資料顯示,那主板就可以通用。
Delidding Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell: A How To
Delidding Intel Ivy Bridge or Haswell CPU’s explained in this guide. The guide includes the delidding preperation, necessary items, procedures, and results. Warning: Delidding your CPU will void your warranty. The modifications in the following article were performed

Intel: Haswell will draw 50% less power than Ivy Bridge …

Whereas Ivy Bridge used the same architecture as Sandy Bridge, but shrunk to 22nm, Haswell is an entirely new architecture that’s designed from the ground up to make use of Intel’s 22nm FinFET

Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPU Overclocking Detailed

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Haswell vs Ivy Bridge-E
Re: Haswell vs Ivy Bridge-E My view on CPU’s have always been to buy the very best on the market at the time of purchase. That way there is no need to do more numerous and expensive upgrades along with the hassles associated with them.

與 Haswell 相同,Разный сокет LGA2011 для процессоров Ivy Bridge-EP. Ivy Bridge-EX и Haswell-EP

haswell和Ivy Bridge的處理器介面一樣嗎?

英特爾已經推出最新的haswell架構處理器,Ivy Bridge-E 三顆處理器將以 Core i7-4000 命名 …

Ivy Bridge-E 可能是 X79 晶片最後的處理器,效能更出眾,和以前的Ivy Bridge架構處理器相比,確切時間點將會在 11 月份,這是否意味著 Haswell 的效能相比現在的 Ivy Bridge 不會高到哪裡去? 2012-05-13 22:51 #8
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 · 要追流行永遠追不到,新出什麼就換什麼雖然這邊很多人已經入手ivy/sandy bridge還在用老775架構的人還很多為何不砸錢換換掉,也很簡單電腦已經夠用了一直砸錢換只是再幫廠商賺錢常常看見”學生”動不動裝I7,GTX680這些高階配備我在想

Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge or Haswell?: PC Talk Forum: …

 · With Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge / Haswell you get very similar memory architecture – 2 channels, 4 DIMMs. The 3930 is a different architecture, that’s SandyBridge-Extreme, this architecture enables 6 Cores, 12 Threads, and 4 memory channels with 8 DIMMS, which is ideal for video, but for you, you should concentrate on Haswell.
Intel Graphics Technology
Ivy Bridge Celeron and Pentium have Intel HD, while Core i3 and above have either HD 2500 or HD 4000. HD Graphics 2500 and 4000 include hardware video encoding and HD postprocessing effects. For some low-power mobile CPUs there is limited video Haswell

Haswell versus Ivy Bridge clock for clock performance

In the threaded PiFast benchmark Intel Haswell (24.01 seconds) reportedly again managed to leave Ivy Bridge (25.5 seconds) behind while operating at the same clock-speed of 2.80GHz.

Ivy Bridge — Википедия

Haswell (преемник Ivy Bridge) Примечания Ссылки Стали известны цены на процессоры Ivy Bridge / OsZone Устройство процессоров Intel Ivy Bridge // ixbt.com
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Intel HD Graphics (Ivy Bridge) vs Intel UHD Graphics 620 …

Ivy Bridge GT1 Kaby-Lake-Refresh GT2 Haswell GT1 Architecture Gen. 7 Ivy Bridge Gen. 9.5 Gen. 7.5 Haswell Pipelines 6 – unified 24 – unified 10 – unified Core Speed 350 – 1100 (Boost) MHz 300
Ivy Bridge
Ivy Bridge è il nome in codice dell’evoluzione dell’architettura x86 di decima generazione (Sandy Bridge) sviluppata da Intel per i propri processori; a differenza della prima generazione che è basata sul processo produttivo a 32 nm, Ivy Bridge è un die-shrink a 22 nm. I
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Ivy Bridge (microarchitecture)
Ivy Bridge processors are backward compatible with the Sandy Bridge platform, but such systems might require a firmware update (vendor specific). In 2011, Intel released the 7-series Panther Point chipsets with integrated USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 to complement Ivy Bridge.

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Sandy bridge=>Ivy bridge=>Haswell=>Broadwell
 · Sandy Bridge-E 真的有那麼強? 居然到 Haswell 了還在用Sandy Bridge-E 撐高端市場,因為處理器介面涉及到主板的選配,不知道haswell和Ivy Bridge的處理器介面是不是一樣,如果介面一樣,Ivy Bridge-E 將在 2013 年第三季發佈,同樣都是使用22納米製程工藝。有的使用者可能在搭建電腦配置的時候,而處理器方面將擁有三款。 預計 11 月發佈的 Ivy Bridge-E 將如同 Haswell 處理器般