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Treating Others Merely as Means
 · PDF 檔案pro tanto, but, in (presumably rare) cases in which other, weightier, moral reasons apply, not wrong all things considered. Such a revision might allow philosophers to maintain something like the Mere Means Principle even in the face of extreme cases.

Practical Reasons and Moral ‘Ought’

 · PDF 檔案substitute for Ross’s notion of prima facie duties talk of pro tanto reasons, reasons counting in favor of or against some act as far as they go, but capable of being defeated by opposing reasons. The explanation of moral ‘ought’ in terms of practical reasons might
The Guise of the Good and the Problem of Partiality Allan Hazlett
 · PDF 檔案desires represent their objects as good. We can distinguish, however, between things that are merely pro tanto good – i.e. things that are good in some way or respect and thus good to some degree – and things that are pro toto good – i.e. things that are best.

Pro Tanto Retributivism: Judgment and the Balance of …

 · just punishment is balanced with other principles and goals according to a concept of judgment drawn from the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant and the jurisprudence of Ronald Dworkin. After outlining the resulting “pro tanto retributivism,” I compare it

pro tanto moral duty to obey its commands On this view …

pro tanto moral duty to obey its commands On this view if the conditions for from DEPARTMENT POL 301 at Kaduna State University This preview shows page 9 – 11 out of 16 pages.

W. D. Ross’s Moral Theory

W. D. Ross’s Moral Theory Ross’s criticisms of consequentialist moral theories: ethical egoism (the moral theory that says that an action is right if and only if it is in the long-term interests of the person who performs it): A “great part of duty” consists in respecting the

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Reason and Value : Themes from the Moral Philosophy of The second of my senses is a pro tanto reason, and in section 4 I shallconsider how prevalent pro tanto reasons are. 28 pages, published by , 2015-04-13 02:01:02
Wrongness of Killing and the Badness of Death
 · This chapter examines the wrongness of killing and the badness of death in the context of Jeff McMahan’s so-called Equal Wrongness (of Killing) Thesis, explaining that McMahan’s formulation of the thesis contains an open-ended list of factors said to be irrelevant
I have a question regarding Kant’s deontological Maxim of both Perfect and Imperfect duties. What I know about them is that Perfect duties require a person to perform a certain “action” all the ti Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.
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This article does draw upon general knowledge of ethics, philosophy, sociology, psychology and history but, nevertheless, it remains within the scope of my personal and highly limited worldview. The idea of the article is to show why such treatment of a calendar year is highly erroneous and immoral, and how it mirrors a general imbalance in human scale of values.
Value, Epistemic
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. 79: 1, 76-97. Argues against expressivism and anti-realism about the value of true beliefs. Maitzen, Stephen (1995). Our Errant Epistemic Aim. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. 55: 4, 869-876.
Classified Public Whistleblowing
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Ethics – Consequentialism and Utilitarianism

 · PDF 檔案Political philosophy Moral assessments of a person’s character or character traits (e.g. honesty, generosity Rossian deontology (pluralistic & pro tanto) 4.1 CONSEQUENTIALISM AND UTILITARIANISM Consequentialism Utilitarianism

LEAP – Law, Ethics and Philosophy 2 (2014)

 · PDF 檔案economics, and political philosophy (Christie 1984: 112-128), since the 1980s workplace democracy has attracted a declining interest among scholars, political parties, and workers alike. Yet, the recent resilience of co-operatives to the Great Recession has strengthened their

Classified Public Whistleblowing: How to Justify a pro …

How to Justify a pro tanto Wrong Though whistleblowing is quickly becoming an accepted means of addressing wrongdoing, whistleblower protection laws and the relevant case law are either awkwardly silent, unclear or mutually inconsistent concerning public disclosures of …

3 Therefore we have a pro tanto duty to adopt 4 Pro …

3 Therefore we have a pro tanto duty to adopt 4 Pro tanto duties can be from PHIL 27 at University of California, San Diego This preview shows page 10 – 16 out of 21 pages.preview shows page 10 – …