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Doppler ultrasound of carotid arteries
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The dicrotic notch is a short-lived decrease in pressure in the aorta following the closure of the aortic valve. Blood just pumped out of the left ventricle temporarily flows back against the closed aortic valve, leading to a v shaped notch in the pulse pressure wave
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After the peak level, there’s a notch, known as the dicrotic notch, indicating aortic valve closure corresponding to the onset of diastole. The pleth tracing then drops to baseline, which is
Resonance, damping and frequency response
Note how first, the dicrotic notch is lost (because it is produced by high frequency, low amplitude elements). Then, the waveform begins to flatten as the amplitude of even the low-frequency waves is affected. At last, with the tubing clamped, the waveform flattens
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Considering the left ventricle, why does isovolumetric ventricular contraction occur during dicrotic phase. C) late diastolic filling phase. D) systolic ejection phase. E) early diastolic filling phase. D) systolic ejection phase. The volume of blood ejected from each

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The reason for the dicrotic notch on the aortic pressure curve is (a) contraction of aorta (b) closure of the aortic valve (c) rapid filling of the left ventricle (d) closure of the pulmonary valve Answer: (b) 4. Rise in the carotid sinus pressure leads to (a) reflex (b) reflex
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The term used to describe fluid collecting in the pericardial cavity that restricts the movement of the heart is known as A) cardiac tamponade. The interventricular sulci and coronary sulcus A) contain fat. B) contain arteries. C) contain veins. D) are grooves on the
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